Phil Oliver

Owner & Head Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Football Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Premier Training diploma in fitness training and sports therapy

Pre and post-natal fitness programme design (fitpro)

Boxercise Instructor

Kick Boxercise Instrctor

Boxercise PersonalTrainer

Advanced Boxercsie Trainer

Personal Nutrition Coach

Juice Performance Olympic Lifting Instructor

Juice Performance Kettlebell Instructor

Emergency First Aid


My Coaching career started nearly 30 years ago as a Kids Football Coach, running weekend and school holiday Football Camps. I have continued Coaching, running and helping run Kids teams up until last year. A couple of years of Swimming Teaching followed before I moved into Personal Training and Group Exercise in 1996. This led to working in a couple of major Gym Chains as a Personal Trainer and teaching loads of different classes to all levels and abilities, including High Impact Circuits to classes of 100+ people, Boxercise, Kids Fitness, Fitness for the over 60’s, Body Balance. I worked in Cardiac Rehabilitation at my local Hospital for 7 years training patients after Heart attack’s and surgery. 

I love our guys that do competitions and want every member to consider doing one of our inhouse comps to get a feel for that atmosphere. My passion is people that don’t train, used to train and need to get back into it, those with injuries or issues that require more care and attention, the kids, the over 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s! It’s so interesting doing extra reading and speaking to other experts to find solutions to clients problems. 

The Kids programme I run is great, Duck walk around the gym with a class of 3-4 year olds and try not to pee yourself laughing! At the same time the 70 year old that can’t get out of a chair and struggles to get up the stairs, that now does deadlifts, step-ups, press-ups , skipping and rowing, to me that’s Coaching.

My Quote:

“How Hard Can It Be?”

I discovered CrossFit in 2007 while researching Pull-up programs and saw a video of ‘FRAN’ on YouTube, I was hooked, after a couple of months trying as many CrossFit WOD’s as I could, I booked my level 1 course and flew to San Diego to see what this was all about, I opened CrossFit Wyre Forest in May 2008, when there were only 5 or 6 boxes in the UK, in a tiny 300sq ft unit, in
an old school in Bewdley. Ran classes for 3 or 4 people and built the box from there.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Emergency First Aid

Paul’s fitness background is in Martial Arts and Football, in Judo and Jujitsu he reached a very high standard of 1st Dan in both disciplines. From my experience of playing in the same football teams as Paul, he was always Mr Reliable, if he was on the pitch, we were good.

Paul has trained at the box from the start in 2008, competing in several CrossFit Competitions, winning Masters events and always on the podium. A very Strong athlete, a member of the 200kg
Deadlift Club (and he puts it down perfectly, no dump). He’s our CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, programming and delivering the gymnastics based class each week.

Member quote… “the stuff he can do and how easy he makes it look is incredible”.


Paul’s Quote:

“The most rewarding aspect of Coaching for me is helping Members to achieve their goal, whether its a Pull-up or a Double Under.”

Karen Simmonds

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Emergency First Aid

Karen has always been competitive, she describes herself as a Sports “all-rounder”. Several events at school, County Badminton in her teens, 30 years representing Stourport Ladies and Worcestershire County Ladies Teams at Squash. In the 10 years Karen has be doing CrossFit she has represented CrossFit Wyre Forest in team, partner and individual competitions, both in UK and Europe, winning several events and making the podium in many more. In the 2017 CrossFit Open, Karen ranked 2nd in the UK and 88th in the world in her age group, in 2019 she finished 9th in her age group as well.

Karen’s attention to detail in the way she plans the classes she Coaches is excellent, thorough warm ups and always researching.


Karen’s Quote:

“It’s absolutely right what everyone says about the CrossFit Community, it is indeed a group of like minded, welcoming, friendly and encouraging individuals.”

Scott Yearsley

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Scott started training CrossFit in 2013, always a keen fitness enthusiast, Weight Training in his Teens, moving into Fell Running in his 20’s and then in his 30’s CrossFit. Scott’s progression through CrossFit has been outstanding, a Strong, fast athlete with excellent Gymnastics skills, making the ‘Muscle-up’ look effortless. With his previous teaching experience, his love of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games (taking his
family to the USA in 2018 to watch the Games live for his 40th Birthday) has made the transition onto our Coaching Team natural and seamless.


Scott’s Quote:

“With its focus on constantly varied functional fitness, CrossFit gives me the perfect balance and I’m excited to be able to share my passion with others.”

Liz potter

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Emergency First Aid


Liz was late getting into fitness. At school she rarely went to P.E unless it was for netball!

In her twenties Liz joined a regular gym and got into the typical thing of steady cardio and jogging thinking that was the best way to get fit – and the weights section was for men only. Liz got into CrossFit a few years ago and really enjoys the challenge of the classes and also getting to know all the people she trains with.

Having recently completed her CFL1 course, Liz is really looking forward to getting more involved with the box and helping members to achieve much more than they ever thought possible. 


 Liz’s Quote:

“You really don’t need to be some sort of ex-athlete to start CrossFit and it’s NEVER too late to start!”



emma hollick

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Emergency First Aid


Emma is our newest member of the coaching team here at CFWF joining us in July 2020. She has always had a passion for health and fitness which stemmed from starting dancing at the age of 6 and eventually going on to achieve a degree in professional dance. it was a few years later that Emma discovered CrossFit, which completely opened her eyes to a new way of exercising and she quickly fell in love with not only the style of training, but the training and feeling of being part of such a great community. Emma started working at a local CrossFit affiliate in February 2019 and then decided to obtain her CrossFit level 1 certificate in early May 2019 and allow her to start coaching full time. It didn’t take long for Emma to realise this was the right path for her. Emma spends much of her spare time researching, reading and learning to make sure she is constantly working towards bettering herself as a coach.  

Emma obtained her level 2 Gym Instructor certificate early 2020 and has almost completed her level 3 in personal training. Emma is also looking forward to starting a course in British Weightlifting in the very near future.


 Emma’s Quote:

“Joining the team at CFWF is not only going to allow me to continue to learn as a coach but also keep doing what i love. There is no better feeling than watching members progress and achieve what they once thought was impossible, this is exactly what drives me. Seeing someone achieve their first pull-up or double under, i think i get more excited than they do!”



Nicola Childe


After starting CrossFit Niki realised how good it feels to be strong and active. She started having regular massages to keep her flexible/pain free and benefitted so much, she decided to study it for herself.

Niki’s Quote:

“I love it, I love helping people feel better, to train harder, to relieve work related aches and pains or simply just to ‘do’ life well! To literaly move well for life. My clinic is at CrossFit Wyre Forest.”


Libby Oliver


Libby can often be found hanging around at the gym with her camera taking photo’s and video’s for our social media accounts and the website. When she’s finished doing that, shes usually training in one of the ‘teens’ classes. She is 14 yrs old and a keen artist and amateur photographer.

Libby spends all her spare time at the running track where she competes for her local club and also the county of Herefordshire and Worcestershire at sprints, hurdles and long jump. She has recently started doing Pentathlon and has been selected to represent the school in the Regional team at a combined events competition in the summer.  Libby also loves gymnastics and at the end of 2018 was awarded ‘overall gymnast of the year.’ Libby has also just joined a trampoline club, and has already been chosen to represent the West Midlands in the upcoming regional finals at the Birmingham arena.

When Libby grows up she wants to be a graphic designer or a professional athlete (in the 2024 olympics!) watch this space….


Libby’s Quote:

“Before i started Crossfit, my upper body strength wasn’t great, but has improved so much with the different exercises used in the WOD’s. I love taking photo’s of all the athletes at Crossfit, and using creativity in my work”.

Rosie Oliver

The ‘box’ dog

Rosie is a yellow labrador and has been at the box since she was 4 months old. She always manages to get herself in the middle of team photo’s.

Rosie loves all the fuss (and treats!) she gets from the box members.

Rosie’s favourite thing to do is chase the ball and play tug of war with cuddly toys. 

*sadly Rosie passed away in January 2020 at the young age of 3, after fighting osteosarcoma for 9 months in her shoulder bone.

The members from the box will always remember Rosie for the fun, active, crazy pup she was, always after a fuss and treats.


luna Oliver

The second ‘box’ dog

Luna is the little sister of Rosie and is a gorgeous little 6 month old labrador puppy. 

Very wary of the box to begin with all the noise and equipment, but soon learnt to love spending time in classes when she realised how much fuss she gets from all the members! She particularly loves the kids classes where she manages to happily distract all the kids and gets to run around with them all after class.






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