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Crossfit kids is a strength and conditioning programme that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers to develop a lifelong love of health and fitness. The sessions are led by head coach Phil Oliver. We do classes for ages 6-11 yrs and 12-16 yrs.

We aim to combine fitness with fun, to help your child enjoy exercise and get them moving more, get them away from games consoles and technology! It doesn’t matter if your child is an athlete or never done any activities before, we can tailor every workout to suit their needs.

All kids class memberships are managed through the team-up booking system found on the bookings section. Simply register your details, pick a class and pay online.



Ages 6-11 yrs: Monday 4.15pm – 5.00pm 


Ages 12-16 yrs: Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.15pm / Thursday 6.30pm – 7.15pm


We can also do some 1-1 sessions with your child or teen if they feel that would benefit them more. Some children may need a bit more attention to deal with medical issues, injury rehabilitation or specific goals, and a personal session would benefit them more than a class.





kids sports teams

We also offer coaching sessions for sports teams, Our head coach Phil spends part of his week coaching football/rugby/netball and polo teams. Some of the teams train with us during their off season for pre-season training and others have a weekly session at the gym alongside their normal team training. During the winter when many matches are called off due to bad weather etc.. we find it great to be able to offer the team a large, well equiped space indoors for them to be able to still train together.


If you have any specific sports team requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate you. 



Team Building

We aim to include team games and activities in our kids classes to encourage them to work well with others. These can help develop: problem solving, communication, self-esteem, listening skills and co-operation. The kids get to make new friends each session outside of their normal peer group.


In all our kids classes we encourage their natural playfulness and energy in the workouts. They are full of variety to keep the kids motivated and intrigued. The classes make the kids stronger and improves their Cardiovascular health with movements such as running, animal walks, jumps, skiing and rowing.

Concentration Benefits

The kids have to complete a circuit of exercises which requires them to focus and concentrate on the task in hand. This helps in everyday life and also with their school lessons.

Fitness Improvements

We all want our kids to live a long and healthy life right? With at least 60 minutes of physical activity everyday, stress levels can be reduced, concentration levels improve, and sleep improves which in turn help kids with their schoolwork. Physically, kids can become stronger, faster and have more endurance. They become generally healthier.

Problem Solving

In each class the kids learn to problem solve, learn new things, and complete difficult tasks. Crossfit isn’t just about learning to move. It’s as much a mental task as a physical one which again can be used in everyday life through to adult-hood.

Interaction Skills

Crossfit is the place to make friends. We are very big on community. Kids will come to realise how important it is to listen to the coach and ask questions, stay focused and dedicated to complete the task in hand. As the clock counts down the kids can cheer on friends who need an extra push. Doing Crossfit can help teach the kids important life lessons for the future.

Some of our young athletes 




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