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1-1 training


We understand that you might not feel ready to join classes just yet, so we offer Personal Training sessions 1-1 or for small groups. We cover the fundamentals of CrossFit which will then ensure you feel confident enough to participate in classes. We can also do Circuits and Conditioning, or we can offer injury rehabilitation to get you back to fitness.

Whatever your requirements, just get in contact to find out we can help you achieve your goals.

One hour session: £30

Head coach and box owner: Phil Oliver 07866 634898

Coach and PT: Emma Hollick 07535 151978

facebook: Emma Hollick personal training


“Circuit training can help you lose weight and also build muscle”

“Circuit training is a form of body conditioning designed to work the entire body not one specific area” 


We also have circuit training classes on the timetable. In circuits, you perform a round of exercises in a row. The idea is to work at a decent intensity doing either body weight movements or exercises with light weights, to keep your heart rate up. These classes are especially good for beginners who aren’t focusing on a particular body part as circuit training works the entire body to improve your cardio fitness.


– pull-ups                             – assault bikes

– burpees                             – rowers

– sprints                               – ski-ergs

– box jumps                        – skipping

– lunges                               – rope climbs

– planks                               – press-ups

– crunches                          – med balls



Due to the intensity of circuit training, benefits include: burning excess body fat, developing lean muscle tissue and improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

At CrossFit Wyre Forest we recommend you do 2-3 circuit classes per week with a 48hr rest inbetween for muscles to repair.

 Head coach/box owner Phil Oliver: 07866 634898


In a year I’ve lost 11lbs and started to change my body shape – recently a lot of people have started to notice which is great. I’ve learnt to eat more healthily and I’m probably fitter than I was in my 20’s and 30’s.
So give it a try – how hard can it be!!

Karen Shepheard

Excellent, experienced coaches – you know you’re in safe hands for some of the toughest, yet most addictive and effective training. New starters are weaned into it gently ensuring they are confident and competent and experienced athletes are pushed to their limits – everyone encourages everyone. No room for negativity here 

Nicola Childe




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