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tribal clash 2018


Bantham Beach, Devon

The team : Ian, Liz P, Gemma, Liz D, Tim, Rob
The Events : run-swim-run, the log, atlas stones, the lunge race, the sandbag shift, the red paddle race, the sandbag sprint.

spring in-house comp

APRIL 2019

@CrossFit Wyre Forest
Open to all members
Results : 1st –  Ian , Liz
                 2nd – Rob and Gemma
                 3rd – Glen and Becky
This was a mixed pairs event with donations towards a defibrilator for the box

tribal clash 2019


Bantham beach, Devon
The team : Ian, Liz, Rob, Gemma, Scott, Eliza

The events : Run-swim-run, the lunge, hill sprints, team swim, the tyre, the tyre stack, the worm run, game of stones.

Results : 100th/160 teams




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