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Hi Phil,

A while ago I wrote a story for a women’s CrossFit site. Ja has been saying that I should send it to you and finally I’ve got around to doing it. I’m not expecting you to use it but its here for you to if you want.


“This time last year I was in almost constant pain with a bad back.  I’d been told that was just the way it was for me, I had scoliosis and had been through two pregnancies and so that was that. I couldn’t lift my children, couldn’t roll over in bed or get up from a chair without being in pain.  Looking back I realise what a bad state I was in. I couldn’t sit or stand for long and was bad tempered, tired and close to tears a lot of the time.

One day I was in a meeting and I couldn’t stand, sit or perch to get comfortable. Work sorted some physio sessions for me and  it turned out that I needed to strengthen my pelvis, which had become weak during my pregnancies. There was no reason at all why I should be in this state!

But that was just the beginning.  My husband had joined a CrossFit Wyre Forest 6 months earlier and was raving about it.  I, however, didn’t think it sounded for me.  But the coach, Phil, had a lot of experience in rehab and my Physio recommended I took my recovery to the next level and do some PT with him.

So, I did and have never looked back.  My first PT sessions lasted 20 minutes and I could hardly change gear on the drive home! 10 months on from that I am doing two CrossFit classes a week, boxing training once a week and most of the time don’t need to scale anything in the WODs.

A year ago i couldn’t lift my children to give them a cuddle :’-/ now I do squats with my children on my back!  I’ve got my life and my health back. ”

Scott Beadle

It’s about twelve months now since I started CrossFit and without doubt, it is the best form of training I have ever done.

Spending most of my life playing football but having to retire due to injury created a big void. Like most people I suppose, I spent time flittering from one thing to another, not really getting results and losing focus; mainly due to lack of variation and not fully understanding the importance of nutrition. Then I found CrossFit: an all encompassing strength & conditioning program, which is constantly varied with a good insight into nutrition. Following the Paleo diet alongside regular CrossFit workouts made a huge difference; followed correctly it will rapidly transform your body composition and help to fend off a lot of health issues and diseases that face us today.

As for the coaches at CrossFit Wyre Forest, (Phil & Joe),they have an ability to cater for each individual need, regardless of ability or fitness levels. In most conventional gyms you pay your monthly fee and that’s as much attention you will get until you try to cancel your membership; here at CrossFit Wyre Forest it is like having a personal trainer every time you train. Due to the very nature of the coaches, it has created a culture within our gym whereby everybody helps and encourages each other without there being a cliquey environment for newcomers – there are no egos and we all want each other to succeed.

In the words of Phil “give it a go; you never know, it may just work”.

Rhi Pearson

As a self confessed fitness addict and having heard about CrossFit, I thought it sounded like a good challenge, so four months post baby no.1, I joined and haven’t been back to a ‘regular’ gym since. The instructors Phil and Joe gave me specific post-natal training techniques and dietary guidance which helped me return to full fitness and physique safely.

That was 3 years ago and since then I have continued at CrossFit, attending classes 2-3 times a week. I was then able to maintain training levels throughout my second pregnancy with the instructors tailoring the work-outs for pre-natal conditions. Five months post baby no.2, thanks to CrossFit and Phil and Joe’s instruction, I am back to full fitness and continuing to set personal bests.

Paul Kealey

I started Crossfit about four years ago. Previously I attended a “Global” gym for a number of years and due to the lack of instruction and direction became disillusioned with the way my training didn’t appear to be achieving what I wanted which was to lose a bit of weight and become stronger and fitter.

I then met Phil who suggested trying Crossfit which he explained was a new method of training using functional everyday movements at a high intensity. Now four years later with Phil & Joe’s guidance in the Crossfit method, where we never do the same workout twice in the same month, and embracing the Paleo Diet, I have lost over a stone in weight and am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

My only regret is that I didn’t discover Crossfit sooner.

Paul Goddard

6ft 2inch, 18 Stone, knocking on 50. Then I attended a CrossFit Class, followed by a Paleo Lecture headed by Phil. Within 28 days I shed 2 Stones. Eight Months later I’m doing 3 CrossFit Classes per week, I’m now 4 Stone 3lbs lighter, stronger, more defined and definitely fitter!

This has been one of the best life changing and enjoyable decisions I have ever made…Thanks Phil & Joe… Paleo and CrossFit Rock!


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