During physical activity, metabolic waste builds up in the muscles and soft tissues which can cause tension, stiffness and dysfunction.   
Sports massage is an intensive therapy which helps to break down congestion and increases blood flow; it realigns the connective tissue and muscles fibres improving muscular function and increasing joint mobility.  The increased blood flow speeds up the removal of waste products (flushing toxins) and delivers nutrients to the cells to aid repair and build muscle. 

Everyone will benefit from this massage.
 People who have physically demanding jobs to those who have long periods of non-movement during  their day (office workers, drivers etc).   Simple daily activities such as driving, using phones and laptops or even sitting and standing  can create postural imbalances causing pain.  
​Bodies are naturally unbalanced, postures are naturally uneven and massage can help to deal with the aches and pains that are associated.

Research has proven that a regular massage improves productivity, reduces time taken off due to illness.  It  also has a positive effect on the mind as well as the body and has been proven to be beneficial to those suffering with depression and anxiety.


About Me
After starting Crossfit I realised how good it feels to be strong and active.  
I started having regular massage to keep me flexible/pain free and I benefitted so much I decided to study it myself.
I love it, I love helping people feel better, to train harder, to relieve work related aches and pains or simply just to ‘do’ life well!
To literally Move Well, For Life. 

 * Sports Massage
* RockTaping: Rock Doc Certified – FMT 1 & 2 (Fascial Movement Taping) 
 * MyoFascial Cupping Therapy
* Scar Therapy (Introduction)  
* Equine Shiatsu Massage Therapy inc, 
* Sotai (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching) and Accupressure

I am  proud to be a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

​The FHT demand a high  standard of education and CPD from members, including full insurance and first aid, so you know you will be in safe, competent hands.

My clinic is at Crossfit Wyre Forest, Bewdley, Worcestershire.
I look forward to meeting you – contact me if you have any questions or to book a massage.


Nicola Josee Childe, SMT, MFHT 


I am really grateful to Niki for seeing me at short notice last weekend. Having raced in Holland on Friday night and then travelled back to the UK I was in desperate need of treatment before another target time trial on Sunday morning. I had a really positive experience with Unique Soft Tissue Therapy – Niki targeted the treatment perfectly, working on sore areas whilst making sure I was in good shape to race the following morning. My legs felt really good in the event and I won by 6 1/2 minutes!

Hayley Simmonds, Professional Cyclist.
British National Time Trial Champion 2015 and 2016

I have seen Niki for three full hour sessions for multiple complaints and in these sessions she has been knowledgeable, professional and friendly; making me feel at ease and comfortable from the initial consultation. Although there have been instances where I have questioned my own sanity for getting myself into a condition where I need such deep muscle therapy, and resulting whimpers, the results have been almost immediate for my shins / calves and an on going shoulder condition. I have and will continue to recommend Niki.

Karl, July 2017




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